• Strategic Planning Bureau

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    • Promotion of internal/external communications, external cooperation, and establishment of networks
    • Budgetary control and liaison to government/national assembly
    • Management Information System (MIS)
  • Management Support Department

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    • Human resources, evaluation, accounting, tax, contract, archive management, etc.
    • Customer consultation, internal/external cooperation, establishment of cooperation system with relevant organizations
  • Overseas Koreans Association Support Department

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    • Support for activities to promote exchange and rights and interests (Subsidies for overseas Korean organizations, support for resettlement of Koreans in Russia and CIS, family register issuance, support for the construction of community centers for overseas Koreans, support for the Korean Residents Union in Japan, support for overseas Korean cultural/artistic organizations in Japan, Support for next-generation organizations, support for overseas Korean economic organizations)
    • Personal exchange among Koreans in Korea and abroad (World Korean Community Leaders Convention)
  • Public Relations and Culture Department

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    • Public relations and media support (publication of OKF Newsletter, planning and promotion, establishment of overseas Korean media networks, establishment of satellite broadcasting networks for Korean news)
    • Korean culture promotion works (Korean Festival, Overseas Korean Literature Cultivation)
    • Personal exchange among Koreans in Korea and abroad (International Overseas Korean Day)
  • Seoul Office

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    • External cooperation with government and relevant organizations, visitor reception
    • Invitational workshops for Korean language schools and instructors in China and CIS
    • Invitational workshops for overseas Korean
  • Education Support Department

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    • Cultivation of Korean language schools (subsidies for overseas Korean language schools, development/operation of online Korean language courses, support for Korean language teachers workshops, invitational workshops for Korean language teachers, support for overseas Korean education in China and CIS)
  • Future Generations Department

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    • Scholarship programs for overseas Koreans (invitational scholarship programs, scholarship programs in China and CIS)
    • Cultivation of next generation (Workshop in Korea for children of overseas Koreans in Mexico, IT vocational training for young overseas Koreans in China, IT vocational training for young overseas Koreans in CIS, World • Next-generation Korean Forum, Workshop in Korea for Korean teens around the world)
  • Hansang Business Department

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    • Operation of the Hansang Network (organization of World Korean Business Convention, Leading CEO Forum, and Young Business Leaders Forum)
    • Strengthening of the Hansang Network (support for invigoration of the Hansang Network)
    • Establishment and promotion of the Online Hansang Net
  • e-Global Korean Department

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    • Enhancement and operational reinforcement of Korean.net and family websites
    • Enhancement and operation of the Integrated Network for Overseas Koreans
    • Enhancement and operation of the IT infrastructures