In its 19 years of existence and experiences, OKF is holding a conference with highly influential guests who are dedicating themselves in developing Korean communities. Through this conference, we hope to invite future leaders in the various fields, so that we can promote growth and the strengthen overseas Korean society.

The Future Leaders' Conference will be held in Seoul from 17 to 21 October, 2016. Around 100 highly influential individuals will be invited to gather and to share experiences and knowledge. The OKF hopes to attract your interests in this event.

A. Program Outline
  1. Title: The 19th Future Leaders’ Conference
  2. Purpose: To promote network and mentorship between future leaders in various areas through interchanging
     knowledge and information.
  3. Date: 17(Mon)-21(Fri).October.2016
   Check-In: 17(Mon).October 2PM, Check-Out: 21(Fri).October 2PM
  4. Venue: Seoul
  Accommodation: TBD
  5. Main Events
  - Speeches by local/international guests
  - Forums and lectures in various subjects
  - Visits to governmental organizations and offices
  - Networking between local Koreans and Korean overseas
  - Press activities and interviews for major and local publications.

B. Criteria & Selection
  1. Qualifications
   ① Koreans aged between 25-45 years old living overseas with a foreign residency/citizenship,
       or have been out of the country for more than 10 years.
   ② Experts in various fields like legal, major press & media, politics, economy and international organization,
       art, sports, NGO, cooking, literature, science, medical science, education, etc
   ③ Executives or directors of outstanding local community organizations or those represent the organization of the
       next generation.

  2. Registration
   ① Submit required documents including the completed application form, personal statements,
       etc to the Korean Embassy or Consulate General in the applicant’s residence area.
   ② Overseas diplomatic offices will submit received application documents with statements
       of recommendation to OKF.
  3. Evaluation Criteria
   ① Experts in various fields or prospects with growth potential
   ② Personal reasons and goals for participating in the Future Leaders’ Conference
   ③ A description of contribution for the development of overseas Korean community or country of their residence.
   ④ Social statement, potential, and career field of applicant.
   ⑤ Any comments, evaluation about you and your contribution, engagement will be positively evaluated.

C. Documents for Submission
  1. Registration form
   ① Application form with personal statement
   ② Resume
   ③ A copy of passport
   ④ Employment certificate or other identification document to prove applicant’s position.
   ⑤ Consent form for provision and application of personal information
   ⑥ If applicable, copy of media release, merits, and recognition and award granted

  2. Deadline for applications(must be submitted in Korea Standard Time)
   ① Due: 31.May(Tue).2016 6PM
   ② Submissions will be via the Korean Embassy or Consulate General in applicant’s country of residence.
   ③ As the Korean Embassies must submit applications to OKF by 31.May(Tue).2016, to allow time for organization
       and delivery, the Korean Embassy in each country is most likely to set the due date for submissions prior to
       this deadline. Hence, applicants should check the individual deadline set by each Korean Embassy near
       his/her residence and submit the necessary documents accordingly.

  3. Announcement of the finalists: not later than the end of June.2016(Tentative)

D. Support
 1. Flight fare
     - Economy class, 50% of round trip flight ticket
 - Economy class, 80% of round trip flight ticket (for participants from Russia, CIS region only)
 - Economy class, 70% of round trip flight ticket (for participants from Central and South America, Africa only)

Note :
  i. OKF will notify later about maximum flight fare, and the excess charge incurred will not included
  ii. Flight fare incurred by personal travel will not included

2. Accommodations and meals (personal expenses are not included)
 - 1 room for 2 people (additional charges will incur if a single room is desired)
 - 3 meals for a day during the program.

E. Contacts
  1. Point of contact: Sanghu Oh, Assistant Manager, Future Generations Department
 Contact Info.: (office) 82 2 3415 0174, (email):
  2. Ref.: The Overseas Koreans Foundation (,

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