OKF Library Overview

The OKF Library is created to collect and preserve materials and data related to overseas Koreans. It will contribute to the sharing and spreading of knowledge and information for the development of overseas Korean communities, Korea, and the global Korean network.
The archive includes various books, yearbooks, periodicals, nonbook materials, academic journals, an electronic database, and bibliographies. Everyone is welcome to search, view, and read the materials in the archive.

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Materials Currently in the Archive
Materials Currently in the Archive
Category Library Contents
Books 12,455 Books, articles, and yearbooks related to overseas Koreans
Publications by the OKF 1,650 Publications by the OKF
Academic papers 310 Academic papers related to overseas Koreans
Academic materials 792 Materials from academic conferences and forums related to overseas Koreans
Periodicals 5,842 Magazines, newsletters and newspapers related to overseas Koreans
Non-book materials 2,311 DVDS, videos, and CDS related to overseas Koreans
Electronic books 925 Original materials published by or related to overseas Korean organizations (PDF, video, and audio files)
Bibliography and Article Index
Bibliography and Article Index
Category Library Contents
Overseas Korean Bibliography 3,132 Provides bibliographic data related to overseas Koreans based on “Bibliography Related to Overseas Koreans (2000, OKF Research Report).”
Overseas Korean Article Index 4,570 Provides a magazine article index related to overseas Koreans.
Academic Conference/Forum Material Index 1,892 Provides bibliographic data on academic conference/forum materials and academic papers related to overseas Koreans.