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KOREAN NET | Civil Service for Overseas Koreans | Civil Service FAQ 게시글(KOREAN NET | Civil Service for Overseas Koreans | Civil Service FAQ)
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6 Ministry Manpower Administration I received a draft examination last year. Do I need to get permission from the Military Manpower ... 코리안넷관리자 2017.08.02
5 Ministry Manpower Administration Because I lived overseas with my parents as a 26-year-old man born in a foreign country who ... 코리안넷관리자 2017.08.02
4 Ministry of Justice I moved overseas as a child and acquired citizenship in the country of residence, and my ... 코리안넷관리자 2017.08.02
3 National Tax Service Is it mandatory to make a report to FBAR (United States) for money that was not earned in the United States, but a financial account that had funds in Korea before immigration to the United States? 코리안넷관리자 2017.08.02
2 National Tax Service What if a permanent resident wants to invest in a domestic fund or securities? 코리안넷관리자 2017.08.02