Immigration and Entry/Departure

We provide assistance services for e-Passport, procedures, and application for passport issuance, civil services and laws regarding passport, immigration disputes, and procedures for immigration.

Immigration and Entry/Departure
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Entry/departure/stay HIKOREA HIKOREA(
Place of residence report of overseas Koreans (F4) HIKOREA HIKOREA(
PASSPORT 외교부 Ministry of Foreign > Passport(
United States of America e-Passport U.S. Department of Homeland Security U.S. Department of Homeland Security(
VISA 외교부 Ministry of Foreign > Visa(
Entry/departure·foreigner policy headquarter 출입국.외국인정책본부 Korea Immigration Service (
Immigration 외교부 Ministry of Foreign > immigration(
Nationality/naturalization HIKOREA HIKOREA(