Application Process
  • STEP. 01 Join as a Group
  • STEP. 02 Online Program
  • STEP. 03 Diplomatic Office
  • STEP. 04 Review/Deliberation
  • STEP. 05 Result Notification
  • STEP. 06 Result Report
  • STEP. 07 Complete
  • Join as a Group Member Join as a Group Member of
  • Online Program Application Fill out the online application form after reading the “Overseas Korean Program Application” at the website.
  • Diplomatic Office Submission Print out the application form and send to the relevant diplomatic office via mail or e-mail.
  • Review/Deliberation The administrator at OKF will review the submitted online application.
  • Result Notification Final qualification will be determined through deliberation by the Support Deliberation Committee.
  • Result Report Submission After being notified about your qualification for the support program, proceed with the rest of application process if you are qualified.
  • Complete The entire process is complete once you submit a result report after the program has come to an end.
Tips for an online application for OKF projects Please double check application procedures and methods by carefully reading these tips befor applying.
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Lee Ji-eun
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How to Apply for a Support Program

01Group member sign-in (join)

02[Support Program] Menu Selection

03Fill Out the Online Application Form

04Submit Application

05Printing Out an Application (to submit to diplomatic offices)