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At the Overseas Korean Foundation, we provide various scholarship programs for overseas Koreans. For more detailed information, or to apply for a program online, click [Application Form]

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Other Program
Program Title Program Overview
Korean Festival Organizing festivals featuring artists from Korea and abroad to maintain and promote their national identity and ties through cultural/artistic exchange activities between Korea and overseas Korean communities.
World Korean Business Convention - Establishment of an “Integrated Korean Business Network” through business exchange among Korean businesses and organizations in both Korea and abroad
- Expansion of the human network and collection of business information through the “World Korean Business Convention”
- Seeking of ways to contribute to the economic/social development of Korea through mutual efforts of Korea and overseas Koreans
Next-generation Overseas Koreans Convention Supporting unification of capabilities and networking activities of next-generation overseas Koreans, and discovering key talent to contribute in the development of Korea and overseas Korean communities through entry into the mainstream societies in their countries of residence
Expert Forum and Conference - Providing a forum to discuss policies on major issues in overseas Korean communities and to share suggestions
- Sharing of the research performances of overseas Korean communities and invigorating the researcher network
Educational Outreach for Understanding of Overseas Koreans To improve understanding on overseas Korean communities and to form a social consensus on supporting overseas Koreans through education for Korean citizens (high school/college students, civil service workers, and general public)
Support for Overseas Expansion of Young Koreans through Korean Businesses in the World - To strengthen the abilities of young Koreans through the Korean Business Network
- To contribute to resolving of the unemployment issue among the youth
- To cultivate next-generation Korean businesspeople and expand the economic territories of Korea
- To provide outstanding talent for Korean businesses in the world