At the Overseas Korean Foundation, we provide assistant services for creating/managing websites to invigorate online networks for overseas Koreans.

  • Do you need a website for your organization? If your overseas Korean organization needs a website, can create one for you.
    You will also be provided with access to’s secondary domain.
    Homepage Service
    • OverviewFree website service for global communities
    • FunctionsMenu administration, page edit, banner management, board management, photo management, skin management, etc.
    • BenefitsEasy to create websites with automatic generation and many template options
  • Are you experiencing financial difficulties in maintaining your website? for free to support overseas Korean organizations.
    You will also be provided with access to’s secondary domain.
    Web Hosting Service
    • OverviewService to provide global communities with website operation space (HDD: 3G / Traffic: 5G or above)
    • FunctionsRemote backup service, security service, VPN service, and general technical support
    • BenefitsCost saving through the free service that offers various server systems
  • Do you need a domain for your website? provides our secondary domain.
    You can use’s global domain while maintaining your preexisting domain.
    Domain Service
    • OverviewGenerate a global domain that is automatically redirected to your current website address
    • FunctionsSecondary domain forwarding
    • BenefitsPromotional effects by adding a global domain