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Monthly subsidy of up to KRW 700K launched for families with infants

Families with infants under a year old and age 1 from Jan. 25 can receive monthly "parental pay."

The Ministry of Health and Welfare that day said families with an infant up to 11 months old this year will receive KRW 700,000 and those with a toddler age 1 born after January last year KRW 350,000.

The allowance is designed to compensate the drop in household income due to childbirth or child care and reduce the cost of childrearing. The ministry said the subsidy will benefit around 250,000 people from this month.

For those using daycare centers, families with an infant under a year old or those with age 1 can both receive child care vouchers. For households with a baby under a year old, they will get the difference of KRW 186,000 in cash as the KRW 700,000 allowance is higher than the voucher amount of KRW 514,000.

Application for the allowance is available at the community service center of an eup (town), myeon (township) or dong (neighborhood) where the child's address is registered or on the welfare portal Bokjiro (www.bokjiro.go.kr) or the public service portal Government 24 (www.gov.kr). Online application is allowed only for the biological parents of a child.

Those eligible for the allowance are the guardians of an eligible child like those with parental authority, custody or legal guardianship, relatives raising the child and civil servants handling social welfare services for children staying at welfare facilities.

Applications must be filed within 60 days and include the child's date of birth to receive the allowance on the month of birth. The allowance will be paid from the month of application for those who apply for it after 60 days after a child's birth. The amount will be deposited on the 25th of every month into the registered bank account under the name of the parent or child.

By Yoon Sojung