Admission for International Students 2023 Spring Semester

Admission for International Students 2023 Spring Semester

The Academy of Korean Studies, The Graduate School of Korean Studies(GSKS) recruit International students for 2023 Spring semester.

We are waiting for the students from all over the world who are interested in Master's and Doctoral programs in Korean Studies.


Online Application & Application Fee Payment

2022. 9. 13.(Tue) 10:00 ~ 9. 30.(Fri) 17:00

Reception Deadline of Recommendation Letter 

10. 19.(Wed) 24:00


Announcement of the Interviewees List

11. 9.(Wed) 15:00

"My Page" at

Video Interview



Announcement of the Selection Result

12.9.(Fri) 15:00


"My Page" at


Submission Deadline for Original Documents

2023. 1. 14.(Fri) 18:00

Documents should be submitted by post. Please understand that visiting the office is discouraged due to COVID-19

Beginning of Spring Semester

3. 1.(Tue)


※ The above schedule is by Korean time and could be changed under the unforeseen circumstances.

The Graduate School of Korean Studies, The Academy of Korean Studies 한국학중앙연구원 한국학대학원 MASTER'S AND DOCTORAL DEGREE PROGRAM IN KOREAN STUDIES 한국학 분야 석·박사 학위과정 특별전형 Fields of Study 전공 분야 | Division of Humanities 인문학부 | Division of Culture and Arts 문화예술학부 Korean History Diplomatics and Bibliography Philosophy Korean Linguistics Korean Literature 한국사학 고문헌관리학 철학 국어학 국문학 * Anthropology Folklore 인류학·민속학 Religious Studies 종교학 Musicology 음악학 Art History 미술사학 Cultural Informatics.Human Geography 인문정보학 · 인문지리학 Division of Global Korean Studies 글로벌한국학부 | Division of Social Sciences 사회과학부 Political Science 정치학 Sociology 사회학 Education 교육학 • Korean Culture and Society (Only available for Master's degree program) 한국문화학 (석사과정만 모집) Nationality Requirement 지원 자격 • Foreign Nationals 외국인 및 재외국민 Benefits for International Students 장학혜택 • Full tuition waiver • Monthly stipend for selected students • Korean language courses and cultural experience program offered free of charge 등록금 전액 면제 입학 성적 우수자에게 국비장학금 지급 한국어 능력 배양 및 문화체험을 위한 한국문화학당 무료 운영 Admission Schedule 전형 일정 Admission Process 구분 Admission for 2023 Spring Semester 2023년도 전기 입학 Admission for 2023 Fall Semester 2023년도 후기 입학 Application Period 지원서 접수 기간 | 2022. 9(Sep). 13. ~ 9(Sep). 30. 2023.3(Mar) Results Announcement 합격자 발표 2022. 12(Dec). 9. 2023.6(Jun) Beginning of the Semester 입학 2023.3(Mar). 1. 2023. 9(Sep). 1 Contact Information 문의 | Fax 팩스 : +82-31-730-8189 • Tel 전화 : +82-31-730-8183 • Email 이메일 : • Website 웹사이트 : - Notice - 입학 공지 한국학중앙연구원 한국학대학원 THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF KOREAN STUDIES, THE ACADEMY OF KOREAN STUDIES

○ Please refer to the Application Guidelines for detailed information

○ For further inquiries, please contact to (031-730-8183,

Application Guidelines for International Students 2023_English.pdf