Civil Services for Overseas Koreans

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GOV.KR(Services for Foreigners)

The Korean government provides various online certificate issuance services and a variety of benefits such as education and counseling services for foreign nationals.
Available services
  • General services such as visa/stay, adaptation support, etc.
  • Services tailored to foreign workers, marriage migrants, and exchange students

Hi Korea

Hi Korea( the main site of the electronic government for foreigners, jointly created by the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Ministry of Labor. It was created with the purpose of providing investment, employment, residence, and everyday living related information and services from a single source to foreigners visiting Korea.
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분야별 민원신청 게시글(코리안넷 | 재외동포민원 | 민원 안내 | 분야별 민원신청)
[Family / Living] Living support
  • Support for childcare expenses of single-parent families
  • Support for the self-reliance of young, single-parent families
[Student / Studying] Studying in Korea
  • Admission procedure
  • Search Korean universities and colleges
  • Study in Korea Education Fair
[Student / Studying] Studying in Korea
  • Fellowship for Field Research (Support for Korean studies)
  • Fellowship for Korean Language Training (Support for Korean studies)
  • Program for Ethnic Koreans from the CIS Region (Support for short-term training)
  • Duo-Korea (Support for short-term training)
[Student / Studying] Support for foreign students
  • Support for outstanding foreign exchange students
  • Support for self-financed foreign students
[Student / Studying] Support for foreign students
  • Scholarships provided by private universities located in the Seoul metropolitan area
  • Scholarships offered by private universities located outside of the Seoul metropolitan area