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[Founding a Business] Startup and operation of skin care salons

To operate a skin care salon, a beautician’s (skin) license shall be obtained and a notification of commencement of business be made to the head of a si/gun/gu after meeting the criteria for operation facilities and equipment, and a person who intends to operate a skin care salon shall complete the hygiene education and adhere to the duties of hygiene management.

To operate a skin care salon, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration from preparation stage to actual operation stage. In recognizing this need, we provide systematically organized statutory information for people who are considering opening a skin care salon that are necessary for all stages of the business, from opening up a skin care salon to operation and closure of business.

[Founding a Business] Establishment and operation of a nail salon

In order to establish and operate a nail salon, a beautician’s license must be obtained first, and the procedures as prescribed in the “Public Health Control Act” such as reporting the business, installing business facilities, and receiving hygiene education need to be observed thereafter.

The beautician’s license can be obtained by those who have completed a certain course of study or obtained an aesthetician certification. Anyone with a beautician’s (nail) license will be eligible to take good care of or apply make-up to finger and toe nails, and will be required to comply with his or her duties regarding health control, including sterilization of beauty arts appliances.

[Founding a Business] Startup and operation of a beauty salon

This content provides statutory information on required certification, startup preparations, management, operation and business closure that is necessary for those who plan to open a beauty arts (beauty salon) business in an easy-to-understand and systematically organized manner. Detailed statutory information is provided on obtainment of beautician’s license, notification on commencement of business, business equipment installment, completing the hygiene education, business registration, etc.

[Founding a Business] Startup of restaurants

Many people have been trying to open a startup restaurant since they can open a restaurant easily with little capital. What kind of information would be good to know for a successful restaurant startup?

This content examines restaurant startups by classifying them into “selection of type of business, preparations for opening a shop, installation of business facilities, notification and authorization of commencement of business, and application for business registration” and provides statutory information related to the startup of restaurants that is easy to understand and systematically organized.

[Founding a Business] Startup and operation of coffee shops

Even when one is planning to open a coffee shop or is currently operating one, it is still difficult and inconvenient to search relevant statutes and legal information easily in regards to startup preparation and operation of a coffee shop.

Accordingly, this content provides essential legal information for those who are planning to open a coffee shop or are operating one at present and helps to provide a better understanding regarding the startup and operation of coffee shops to prospective customers.