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Support Services for Overseas Koreans
[6 days extended] 2023 OKFriends Homecoming Youth Camp

The Overseas Koreans Foundation (OKF), established in 1997 under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aims to serve the 7.5 million Koreans residing abroad by promoting their sense of ethnic familiarity and helping them become exemplary citizens of their respective countries.

Through the ‘2023 OKFriends Homecoming Youth Camp’, OKF aims to provide Korean youth from around the world with the opportunity to communicate with, form bonds and have a sense of pride in their Korean heritage, as well as to develop leadership skills by experiencing Korean society, history, and culture.

[6 days extended] Application Deadline (As of Korean Time, May 15, 23:59)

For more details, please read the attachment(refer to PDF, PPT files).

Participation Announcement_2023 OKFriends Homecoming Youth Camp.pdf Applying for the OKFriends Homecoming Camp_ Guide to Online Application (Individual).ppt