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Support Services for Overseas Koreans
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Eligibility and application process differ by individual / organization OR Korean association / Korean language school.

After reading about the programs and their application processes, click on the program of your choice to view its details.

Please check the requirements before applying.


You can apply after joining membership and logging in via the website.

① Select a program from the application menu

② Fill out the details and save

③ Inquire your saved application from the My Page menu to complete the application process.

④ Print via the My Page menu

⑤ Submit the printed page to the competent diplomatic mission


If you need to make changes to your application that has already been approved, fill out and submit the Change Request form to a competent diplomatic mission for re-approval.

* Change procedure: (Organization) Submit the Change Request form to a competent diplomatic mission → (OKF) Decide and notify the diplomatic mission → (Mission) Notify the requesting organization


OKF's support programs for alienated overseas Koreans include programs for adopted overseas Koreans and multicultural vulnerable overseas Koreans (in Vietnam):

Support for Multicultural Vulnerable Overseas Koreans

① Survey of multicultural households' conditions

② Provide support for stable settlement

③ Provide identity education

Support for Future Generation Adopted Koreans

① Survey of adopted Koreans' status

② Support exchange and collaboration among future generations (future generation adopted Koreans' visit to Korea / support organizations of future generation adopted Koreans)


Adopted Koreans are considered as overseas Koreans and can participate in all programs (World Korean Business Convention, Politicians Forum, Future Generation Convention, and Invitational Training for Youths).