Support Services for Overseas Koreans


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Support Services for Overseas Koreans

The Overseas Koreans Foundation (OKF) conducts various programs to promote mutually beneficial advancements for Korea and overseas Korean communities.

We are expanding the scope of exchanges in education and culture to cultivate overseas Koreans' identities and to elevate their self-confidence while exerting efforts to better the relationships between Korea and overseas Koreans' countries of residence.

OKF Programs

  • Education Program

    With the educational support of Korean language(Hangeul), history and culture, Overseas Koreans will inherit ethnic roots and identities as Koreans.

  • Future Generation Program

    OKF nurtures next-generation global leaders who will lead the Korean communities and the world.

  • Exchange & Support Program

    The power of exchange and coexistence helps overseas Korean communities to safely settle and grow.

  • Research & Studies

    OKF seeks desirable policies for overseas Koreans by understanding the current issues in Korean communities abroad.

  • Public Relations & Culture Program

    Korea and its overseas communities commune and feel sympathy based on the shared culture.

  • Hansang Network Program

    The Korean enterpriser projects lead the global network of business leaders and global businesses.

  • Human Rights Program

    As the number of descendants of overseas Korean adoptees and the underprivileged multicultural kids has increased, OKF implements human rights project to help relatively isolated overseas Koreans’ settlement and empowerment in residing countries.

  • Integrated Korean Networking

    A platform ‘’ connects all Koreans for unity.

  • Education & Culture Center

    We are building a hub for a global pan-Korean network.